Matt Stauffer headshot

Hey, I'm Matt Stauffer, partner & technical director at Tighten Co. and @stauffermatt on Twitter.

Tighten is a consultancy that partners deeply with businesses and non-profits of every kind and we're looking for new clients to partner with—hit us up today.

I also run Symposium, Karani for Fundraisers, MarkedStyle, and Confomo together with the other lovely folks at Tighten.

I host the Five-Minute Geek Show and co-host The Laravel Podcast. I'm also an occasional guest on Dev Discussions podcast.

I love to talk and blog about development, how to do your best work, how to treat other people well and how to do good in general--regardless of what it is you do. When we're talking coding, I specialize in Laravel and PHP, responsive design, and JavaScript and CSS/Sass/LESS. I'm also addicated to Rapid Application Development and helping people get their ideas off the ground quickly.

I also speak at conferences, and would love to speak at yours. Check out some of my previous talks.