New Features in Laravel 5.1

This is a series of posts on New Features in Laravel 5.1.

  1. Broadcasting events with & in Laravel 5.1
  2. Injecting an object (from the IOC) using Laravel Blade Service Injection
  3. Passing parameters to Middleware in Laravel 5.1
  4. Creating Artisan commands with the new, simpler syntax in Laravel 5.1
  5. Advanced input & output with Artisan commands, tables, & progress bars in Laravel 5.1
  6. Better Integration Testing in Laravel 5.1: Powerful Integration Tests in A Few Lines
  7. Better Integration Testing in Laravel 5.1: Model Factories
  8. Better Integration Testing in Laravel 5.1: DatabaseMigrations, DatabaseTransactions, and WithoutMiddleware
  9. Improvements to Elixir in Laravel 5.1 (coming soon)
  10. Excluding Routes from the CSRF Middleware in Laravel 5.1
  11. Login Throttling in Laravel 5.1
  12. ACL (Access Control List) Authorization in Laravel 5.1

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