New Features in Laravel 5.4

This is a series of posts on New Features in Laravel 5.4. Check back soon for more.

  1. Introducing Laravel Dusk (new in Laravel 5.4)
  2. Introducing Laravel Mix (new in Laravel 5.4)
  3. New Markdown Mail in Laravel 5.4 (coming soon)
  4. Slots and Components in Laravel 5.4 (coming soon)
  5. Real-time (automatic) Facades in Laravel 5.4 (coming soon)
  6. TrimStrings and ConvertEmptyStringsToNull middleware in Laravel 5.4 (coming soon)
  7. JSON localization files in Laravel 5.4 (coming soon)
  8. Binding method calls in the service container in Laravel 5.4 (coming soon)
  9. The --model flag for creating better resourceful controllers in Laravel 5.4 (coming soon)
  10. Laravel Collections' updates--higher order messaging and new methods--in Laravel 5.4 (coming soon)

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